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service offerings.

General Bookkeeping Services

Entry and data reconciliation

Entering of all revenues and expenses from the bank transactions monthly. Reconciling to the bank statement.

Sales tax preparation and compliance

Tracking of sales tax collected, file reports with tax authorities, and ensuring clients are prepared for sales tax payments.

Ad Hoc Features

Accounts receivable management

Entering client invoices for payment. Monitoring aging receivables while implementing efficient invoice processes. Follow up on overdue payments to improve the client's cash flow.


Accounts payable management

Managing vendor relationships, negotiating payment terms, and optimizing payment schedules to maximize cash flow. Online payment platform system support to initiate bill payments as needed. 

Payroll services

Handling all aspects of payroll, including maintaining employee records, calculating pay and deductions, creating pay slips, and filing reports with tax authorities.

Financial reporting and analysis

Preparing detailed monthly or quarterly financial reports, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Analyzing financial reports

Providing actionable insights and recommendations for improving the client's financial health.


Cash flow forecasting

Creating cash flow projections to help clients anticipate future financial needs and make informed business decisions.


Technology consulting

Assisting clients in selecting and implementing accounting software, point-of-sale systems, payment gateways, and other financial technology solutions.


Business process optimization

Review and streamline of financial processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking

Helping clients identify and monitor industry-specific KPIs to drive profitability and growth.


Budget creation and monitoring

Developing comprehensive budgets and regularly track actual performance against projections.


Financial training

Educating clients and their staff on basic accounting principles, software usage, and financial best practices.


Inventory management

Assisting with tracking inventory levels, costs, and turnover to optimize stock levels and improve cash flow.

Fraud prevention

Implementing internal controls and monitoring systems to reduce the risk of financial fraud.


Loan application support

Helping clients prepare financial documentation required for loan requests.


Virtual Controller/CFO services

Offering high-level financial strategy and decision-making support for small businesses that cannot afford a full-time CFO.

Income Tax Liaison

Providing tax firm recommendations and being the point of contact for your income tax filing

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