Q. Are your pieces handmade?

A. Yes, I make and design all the pieces in my home studio in Calgary, AB. I use a range of techniques to make and design the pieces.

Q. How do I care for my piece?

A. Avoid all contact with water, sweat, perfumes and beauty products. As many of our gold pieces are gold plated brass, exposure to the aforementioned may result in premature breakdown of the plating. Please note that gold plated pieces are not gold fill and will wear over time. 

Q. Where do you get your supplies?

A. I purchase supplies from all over the globe, focusing on quality and price. A lot of our stone comes from India and our metals are from Turkey and China. Our leather comes from Israel or the US. 

Q. I have a metal allergy, can you accommodate?

A. I use a range of metals, predominantly stainless steel and brass; stainless steel does have a small amount of non reactive nickel and our brass chain is not marked nickel free. Our earrings are all stainless steel or nickel free alloy/brass unless marked as 'unknown'. Please contact us before your purchase if you have any concerns regarding allergies. 

Q. How long does my order take to ship?

A. As all the pieces of jewelry are handmade and I'm a one woman biz, your order may take 3-5 business days to ship. Custom pieces and custom resin earrings take up to 7 days. I do my best to ship out ASAP if the piece is already made and ready. Please contact me if you need something sooner and I will do my best to accommodate. Custom pieces may require additional materials and processing time will be discussed with you before starting the piece. 

Q. Do you take returns?

A. No, all items are final sale. Due to the intimate nature of the jewelry I want to guarantee that you are the first to wear your piece.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

A. I will repair or replace items that break within 1 month of purchase. As these are handcrafted goods, I request that you take the proper care precautions; do not bathe or wear during workouts, store in a soft jewelry bag or ziploc when not wearing. If a piece is found to have been in water, etc. it will not be fixed within this policy. 

Q. My brass jewelry has turned darker, what do I do?

A. There are several ways to clean up brass. You may use 'Brasso' or a handful of 'pantry at home methods' - my personal fave - lemon or lime juice (the concentrate) mixed with a small amount of baking soda; mix together and rub onto your piece with a soft cloth. Rinse and repeat until desired brass color is restored. 

Q. I broke my jewelry, now what?

A. Some items can easily be repaired; others (stud earrings) are generally replaced. Please contact me; I will do my best to offer a solution as I want you to be happy with your purchase. I request that you get the item back to me (drop off at my home studio in SE Calgary or pop in the mail) and I will either fix of replace. A small charge may apply if parts need to be replaced. I understand accidents happen and will happily work with you to fix up your piece. 

Q. Who works at Silas&Ivy?

A. Currently it's just me designing the pieces. I recently brought in some help with the website, photos and store/website contact - her name is Emma and she's amazing.


I am always looking for like minded pals that want to collab or offer their skills to my brand. I tend to hire on a consultant basis. Send me a note!