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That's RIGHT!!! We are super stoked to announce we are hiring in 2019!!!

So I figured I would get a jump-start on it now!

What I'm looking for is a trustworthy and reliable gal (or guy) who is great with their iPhone at staging and taking photos (or other mobile device).


It must be mobile as products are listed on an app and it's the quickest way to edit and list. 

Must have decent grammar skills; you'll be listing the product including giving a brief description of the materials used, length, size etc. 

If you live in South Calgary (SE side) it's the best bet as you will be either popping by to take photos and composing the listing. Time commitment depends on how quick you can work. We can chat about the specifics, I'm super flexible. 

Send me an email with why you think you'd be a good fit:

I will pay in jewelry and cash and if the position grows, I will offer casual payroll. 

Thanks Lovers!! XO ~ Jana

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