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Capsule Wardrobes

I just had a moment in our room while packing for our upcoming Kelowna, BC adventures. I have been making it through each pile of laundry, all the while, silently asking myself, 'WHY do we still have so much stuff?'

It has been several months of decluttering, consigning, donating and throwing out the things that are no longer needed. And it hit me while packing - I only take along the items for holidays that I love; what if I were to pack for a month - what would I take? A month of summer lovin' weather; a month of fall crispness and a bit of a chill; a month of chilly cold, snow and ice; and a month of moving out of that back into the warmth we are currently experiencing?

A month sounds like a lot, but I'm going to be very honest with you. After all the research, blogs, pinterest pinning and the like, I can't capsule. Why? I can't limit myself to a number. So! That simply means, there are no numbers. If winter consists of 10 pairs of bottoms and summer is 6, so be it. Summer is hot and gross, I want to have 20 shirts on hand for that so I don't have to do laundry even on a weekly basis.

I currently have a box on the floor of my closet and I add to it each time I take an item off a hanger and go 'uh uh'. So, instead, I'm promising myself that in the next month I'm going to 'pack' my bag for each month of season. Whatever is left. It goes.

There doesn't have to be rules, if you're like me; you don't love a strict set of must do's. I deal with it enough in my adult job line of work. When its household related - you do whatever works.

Now cheers and have a glass of wine and savor the time down the road of not dealing with the mounds of laundry. If you want to thank me. Send wine. XO.


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