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With Intention.

It's been a year. A year of reflection and meaning. Learning new things as a mom; balancing a small business with naps and feedings. Learning is 2016. Intent is 2017.

What do I mean by this? I'm a reader. I like to research. I do read those little stories and blogs you share on your social media. I read one in the last month that hit so close to home, I wondered, 'is she in my head'? It was about being a mother, a wife, and working to some capacity. Surrounded by stuff. Junk. Garbage and unused, unloved, things.

My husband and I recently sat down for a Netflix watch. B was sleeping soundly and I happened upon the title: 'Minimalist'.

I'm not going to bore you with the details and will sum this up. What is challenged me with was:

'am I living a life of intent?'

'do the days pass me by and I look back and another week is gone?'

'a week spent cleaning a house that is beyond larger than what we need, sorting through laundry that is extensive'

'groceries - we don't eat half of this and it's wasted'

and finally:

'do I love this shirt?'

That was all I needed. I rushed my closet the next day and tossed 4 garbage bags; 3 for consignment and 1 for donate.

I signed up for the Apartment Therapy 'January Cure' and receive my area of cleaning for the day. I have actually done many of the tasks in the last 2 weeks already so get to prop my feet up. Just kidding, I do laundry or make jewelry those days.

But with this blog and running a jewelry business I want to create pieces for you this year that you won't just like, you will love. I am seeking out the best of the best and bringing you timeless yet trendy pieces. I'm trying to steer from the fast fashion we see so much around us. I hope you join me this year in following along on the blog.

Please share your comments below. I will read them!


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